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Clipping Path

You’ll need flawless clipping paths and clean images to attract customers to your products and make them want what you’re selling. Clipping path adjustments might take days when you’re introducing hundreds or even thousands of goods every week.

You don’t have to spend time in Photoshop making your own modifications. You don’t have to stay up too late trying to finish clipping pathways before the deadline. We’re guessing that’s not what you expected when you started this job.

Photoshop editing takes very little time. You don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to complete the intricate clipping route in a timely manner. We’re guessing this isn’t what you had in mind when you took this position. With hand-drawn graphics, you get crisp cut-outs and flawless multi clipping path service. If your photos are smaller, you’ll be able to convert more of them.

Before Clipping Path | Services | Vertical Clipping After Clipping Path | Services | Vertical Clipping
Before Shos Product Photo editing | Services | Vertical Clipping After Shos Product Photo editing | Services | Vertical Clipping

Product Photo Editing

The photography industry relies heavily on high-quality product pictures, and our product photo editing services provide just that. You’ll need more than just product photos to get your customers to pull out their payment cards. This is where product photo editing comes in, as it will allow you to present your product photographs in the best possible light, as buyers are drawn to e-stores to view things. No matter how good your photography abilities are, not every photo will turn out properly. Maybe the sample was damaged when it came, and there was no time to procure a replacement. Perhaps your makeup artist messed up this time.

Whatever it is, getting the right shot is still doable. It does, however, take time and patience. You may never want to pick up a camera again after spending hours removing every wrinkle and bit of dust. Our professionals can ensure that any product image is flawless by removing unwanted markings or scratches. Vertical Clipping can take care of your retouching. It makes no difference if you re-shoot it. To make your model picture-perfect, we will remove all dust and scratches, smooth wrinkles, and erase camera reflections. You can achieve excellent image retouching services by hand-editing photographs and paying attention to every detail. If your products are attractive, they will sell. That’s all there is to it.

Background Remove

When you take a photo, you want to preserve the memories forever. Nevertheless, there are times when you don’t want the background in your memories. In this case, how can you remove the background from these memories without deleting them? There may be times when you wish to remove an unwanted background from a product photograph after it has been captured. Fortunately, there are companies that provide Background Removal Services when you need a clean and perfect photo for your product. These companies will remove the unwanted background from your photographs using advanced Photoshop techniques. No need to worry about your materials getting ruined, because Vertical Clipping takes care of everything for you, saving your money and time. We encourage you to keep reading to learn more about how these services work. If you’re interested, you can get a quote right now!

Before Background Removal | Services | Vertical Clipping After Background Removal | Services | Vertical Clipping
Before Image Masking | Services | Vertical Clipping After Image Masking | Services | Vertical Clipping

Image Masking

After a long day of shooting, the last thing you want to do is sit down and spend hours photo masking so you can place your photographs on a white background especially when dealing with undefined edges like hair or fur.

Instead of meticulously sketching every strand of hair, you’d rather do the fun stuff, like planning shoots or creative retouching. The sooner you finish all of the fine-tuning changes, the sooner you can return to the work you enjoy.

Photo editing specialists use image masking services to modify or isolate areas of a picture without causing damage to pixels. It is only advised for photos that are either soft or complicated. Among the other services in our portfolio, an image masking service is the only one that brings perfection to a photograph.

Drop Shadow Service

Photoshop shadows are a popular and creative way to add depth to your photos. The modern-day editor can make use of this effect for making realistic pictures come alive! This procedure should only be used when you need an expertly edited photo; otherwise, it might give off unwanted results or damage original content by applying adjustments such as filters which could impact future editing processes if saved into irreversible files like raw images (JPEG).

But all kinds of images can be used with this service. In image editing, a shadow appears to be magical. It greatly improves accessibility to the processes. You won’t have to be concerned about the picture once you master this effect. For editing product or model photos, image shadow works well. By using this technique carefully, you can alter the subject’s story. The Photoshop layer is a useful tool for adding any special effect and using those layers without causing any damage. To produce original effects, editors need training and experience. You won’t believe the fascinating effects that editors can create with shadows.

Before  Reflection Shadow Effect | Services | Vertical Clipping After Reflection Shadow Effect | Services | Vertical Clipping
Before Ghost Mannequin Services | Services | Vertical Clipping After Ghost Mannequin Services | Services | Vertical Clipping

Ghost Mannequin Services

Mannequins have a history of being distracting when taking shots in the fashion industry. As a result, the ultimate result may lose some of the prior appeals, resulting in a lack of clients. According to research, client biases can also exist, depending on the mannequin utilized. You should be aware of how long it takes to edit out a mannequin. You’d have to mix many photographs, give them both depth and volume, and then give them adequate texture. While it appears to be straightforward, it is everything but. Working as a ghost mannequin can be exhausting.

You should concentrate on your business. Leave your photo editing to the professionals at Vertical Clipping. Each mannequin image project is hand-edited by our professionals. This ensures a spotless finish that brings the apparel and accessories to life.

We are the go-to experts for creating beautiful and amazing photographs using the greatest invisible mannequin effect on the market. You will sell more if you use Vertical Clipping.

Color Correction

Color correction services are one of the most adorable services that promote the professionalism of the photographer and business personnel. Color correction involves editing the color of the initial image to the desired color that will promote and market your business. It can be done in any photography, be it model, e-commerce or fashion photography, and many more.

However, the artwork of a professional is needed to accomplish quality editing with modern tools. Most Fashion enthusiasts love adorable and convincing photos to make them shop online. This becomes a challenge to most people in business who cannot get professionals for their mannequin photography and color editing to give the consumer an overview of how the apparel will look on them.

Improve the profitability of your studio by providing color correction services that are in demand with the trends in e-trading(e-commerce). Color editing gives the photo a new look that most individuals or business personnel admire. This article will dive deep into types of color correction services and their relevance in your business.

Before Fashion Product Color Correction | Services | Vertical Clipping After Fashion Product Color Correction | Services | Vertical Clipping
Before Image Retouching Services | Services | Vertical Clipping After Image Retouching Services | Services | Vertical Clipping

Image Retouching Service

Some events can be captured with the camera and saved forever. Family photos are usually stored in one place. Nobody bothered to edit it and show it to others. People like to see themselves as they were in childhood. However, this is not the case for professional photographers like us. We do not sell family photos. Our market is focused on selling professional photos only. Hence, as professionals, we cannot render raw images without any editing. Since the world will see our work, we have to retouch the photos to look amazing and attract attention.

Image retouching service is the art of making beautiful photos extraordinary. This is a technique that helps to hide all the flaws of this model that are shown in this particular photo. Professional organizations like us who have survived print marketing cannot afford to provide flawed advertisements.

We should show the audience a good image so that everyone will draw attention to them. To do this, we resort to the help of photo retouching. This is a very technical job that only professionals in this field like us can do.

Vector Conversion Service

Implementing graphic images onto your products may be mayhem to the unprofessional. Vector conversion refers to creating vector graphics from raster images like JPG. Vector conversion service focuses on enlarging logos or blurry pictures before printing. Vector graphics are essential for manufacturers as it aids in signage, engraving, laser cutting, etching, and many more. Most individuals prefer conversion services since it transforms images with finer details into what one can interpret.
These conversion services aren’t difficult to perform but require expertise with modernized tools. Several specialized software creates vector graphics to give your products a distinctive look from your competitors. This article will dive deep into vector conversion services and their relevance to your business.

Before Vector Conversion Service| Services | Vertical Clipping After Vector Conversion Service| Services | Vertical Clipping

Why work with us?

You’ll get the best quality when you work with us since we offer inexpensive pricing in exchange for high-quality services. With the help of our high-quality clipping path and picture and photo editing services, we hope to help you succeed as a person and a business. 

Vertical Clipping specializes in creating several clipping pathways for color correction and removing the backdrop. If you’re annoyed and overwhelmed by the seemingly endless photos and images you need to work on, contact us by email or phone, and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as possible.

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