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What is Ghost Mannequin Services?

Portraying your products for an online market can be mayhem, especially when unsure how to edit the images. Ghost mannequin services provide a visual way of editing your pictures before posting them to the online market for a fresh look. Most individuals would love to know how your clothes will look once they wear them. However, leasing a model and a photographer might be too expensive to test all your products. Thanks to advancements in technology for releasing the ghost mannequin photo editing services to make your apparel realistic, thus making your marketing easy.

Ghost Mannequin Services provide an adorable look to your apparel by combining different product images to create a single classic image to boost your e-commerce. The ghost mannequin effect service has been the ghost force behind those charming online wear advertisements. This article will enlighten you on ghost mannequin services and their relevance to your e-commerce.

Before Ghost Mannequin Services | Vertical Clipping After Ghost Mannequin Services | Vertical Clipping
Before Ghost Mannequin Services | Vertical Clipping After Ghost Mannequin Services | Vertical Clipping

What is the Ghost Mannequin Effect?

This is the most imperative course of the ghost mannequin services to make a photo of your apparel in the best 3D. After production, it combines several images of the product (both exterior and interior) to create a single image that represents your apparel professionally. This gives the product a new look and a visual indication of how it will look on an individual.

The 3D representation of your product increases its value to the target and potential buyers, who imagine themselves in those charming designs. The flat lay representation of your products is currently old-fashioned, which is less informative to the customers.

Ghost mannequin photo editing services help spruce up your product images into desired sizes and create the best 3D image that most customers will purchase confidently. Needless to say, that most photo editors can be fraudulent due to a lack of experience and the right tools. However, choose the best professionals to achieve an excellent ghost mannequin effect.

What is the Relevance of Using Ghost Mannequin Services?

Using the ghost mannequin photo editing services is behovely to professionals and business moguls who constantly create different apparel. With the current business trends, e-commerce is gradually taking over traditional face-face selling. Not to mention, thriving in the e-commerce world demands a clear image.

The ghost mannequin services have several benefits to your studio that includes:

Additionally, the invisible mannequin photo editing services are beneficial to business owners since:​

How is Ghost Mannequin Photography Done?

Invisible mannequin photography is a vital step that demands full attention with the highest professionalism to create a charming product image. To create a ghost mannequin photography, follow the steps below:

  • Choose the correct mannequin, possibly white or transparent, for easy editing of the background.

  • Set up the dummy in the desired position ensuring all the essentials like hangers, busts, or styling pins are in order. Additionally, ensure there's consistent good lighting in the studio.

  • Lastly, take photos of your product from the chest height to produce the best outfit. Turn the product inside out to photograph the interior (back and front), as this will help you create the best 3-D image.

Several software’s provide excellent mannequin photoshop; suppose you have a problem getting one. The online tools generate a computerized mannequin that will give your product the best look.

Thriving the Competitive E-commerce

The current trends in trading demand flexibility to adapt to the constant changes in e-trading. The ghost mannequin service is the solution to getting a better sale that meets customer expectations. However, the fake photographers might be the chance of your business shortcomings.

Producing excellent ghost mannequin photos demands the current computer tools and professionals with higher experience. There are several tools you should consider adding to your studio to create the best ghost mannequin photos.

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