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A good photo captures not only the image but also the emotions and mysteries of existence. There are four magnificent aspects and factors that define Vertical Clipping’s vision and concepts to give our clients the most satisfactory results. Vertical clipping respects your desires to capture the best images in portraits and edit photos according to your needs. The company specializes in retouches, clipping planes; and redefining the quality of pixels, shadows, colors, and lighting.

Vertical Clipping does the work for photos according to the client’s visions. First, we gather the client’s needs and wants on how they want the photos done.

Here are specific WORK METHODS for having your photos enhanced:

Cleaning up

Primarily, the first thing we do in professionally performing our task with your photos entrusted to us is to analyze and understand the best angles and the complete canvas development planning of the photos before cropping. Cleaning up is done through spot cleaning, cropping, and adjusting the angles or orientations.

Exposure and Color Basics

The second step we do in the process is to understand the best adjustment levels of brightness, white balance, contrast, tone, and saturation to come up with a great composition. The color vibrancy makes the photo more attractive and meaningful to look at. Choosing the best color scheme makes a photo powerfully captivating.


The third method is we adjust the sharpness of the photo to induce the details. If you find your photos looking a little old, blurry, or pixelated, you can count on us on turning them into high-quality, clear, and new-looking ones. Nevertheless, we always vow to have the edited version of the photos approved by you before finalizing it. Our goal is to give your satisfaction, contentment, and happiness with our service.


Vertical Clipping intends to hand you the best versions of your photos with the expertise and professional quality of photo editing methods. After you approve the edited versions, you finalize the images. Our dedication contains transparency and honesty to your most valued captured moments.

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